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Top 10 Tow Truck Dispatching Software in 2024

Tow Truck Dispatching

Do you own a tow truck business? It is time to amp up things and boost your business. Harness the power of modern technology to increase your productivity and profitability—with minimum effort and investment. And this is easily possible today, just by signing up for a tow truck dispatching software system.

Tow Truck Dispatch Software has become the driving force behind seamless operations for towing businesses. This blog explores what tow truck dispatch software is, the essential features it should have, the numerous benefits it offers, and a roundup of the leading tow truck software in 2024.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading till the end and find out the surefire way to achieve your business goals this year.

What is Tow Truck Dispatch Software?

Tow truck dispatching software is essentially a digital tool that automates and streamlines tow truck business processes. Automotive towing and recovery companies can better manage their operations and help consumers in need with the use of towing software. It serves as a centralized platform that aids in managing and dispatching tow trucks efficiently. This software plays a crucial role in optimizing routes, tracking vehicles, and automating various processes. It also combines functions for managing work orders, processing payments from customer databases, real-time tracking, and report generation.

To get towed automobiles ready for drop-off, these technologies may also identify and connect with garages and auto repair facilities. These software solutions are widely used by office managers and tow truck drivers to answer emergency calls, pick up clients, and handle a wide range of back-office duties. Moreover, some tow truck dispatch software solutions also integrate with useful third-party software systems, including accounting or fleet management software, giving you an all-in-one automation solution for all your business processes.

Field Promax Provides a 360-degree Automation Solution for Tow Truck Businesses. 

Trucking dispatch software includes features like online scheduling and automated routing. Additionally, dispatchers may watch driver availability, maintain tabs on truck capacity, and closely monitor shipment orders from a single digital hub.

Others are an all-in-one solution that offers a more comprehensive picture of truck dispatching, while some solutions are only intended to be used as a dispatching tool. Whatever the situation, managers frequently use a PC panel to control tow truck dispatch software, while employees and drivers use a truck dispatching app.

Using dispatch software for trucking has a number of advantages, including the following:

  • GPS Tracking
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Accurate Estimates and Real-Time Invoicing
  • All-Encompassing Scheduling and Dispatch Management
  • Improved Customer Service

Considering the benefits, it is only practical that you choose a tow truck dispatching software that gives you all of them and enhances your process efficiency in a way that you are able to reap the best value for your money.

Must-Have Features for Tow Truck Dispatch Software

In the dynamic world of towing services, the right technology can make all the difference. To ensure seamless management and optimization, these systems must incorporate essential features that cater to the unique demands of the industry.

  • Real-Time Vehicle Tracking
  • Automated Dispatch
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Customer Database
  • Route Optimization

So, What is The Best Towing Truck Dispatch Software? What Should You Pick For Your Trucking Company?

Here are the best choices available to you.

Field Promax

The most user-friendly, compact, and reasonably priced towing dispatcher software is Field Promax. It is a cloud-based application that offers an all-encompassing automation solution for scheduling and dispatching, work order management, time-tracking, and reporting, among other things.

In order to give owners of trucking companies complete control over their activities, Field Promax is packed with useful features and functionality. From the palm of your hand, you can manage your client database, employee locations, ongoing job status, forthcoming appointments, bookkeeping, invoicing and every other conceivable task.

On a single platform, the cutting-edge digital application offers a full work order management suite that includes an intuitive scheduling and dispatch tool, a comprehensive dashboard where you can see all of your schedules and routes at once, and color-coded calendar views. In order to automate and streamline numerous projects at once, the all-in-one dashboard gives you access to employee schedules in various formats (daily, weekly, monthly, as well as individual schedules), customer details, and job order information. The distinct color codes help you organize your calendar effectively by removing any potential risks for double bookings, overbooking, management errors, or missed deadlines.

Explore More Features in Field Promax. Book Your Free Demo Today!


Tow Master leads the pack with its comprehensive suite of features. Known for its user-friendly interface, Tow Truck Dispatch Master excels in real-time vehicle tracking and automated dispatch. Its robust billing and invoicing system further streamlines financial processes, making it a top choice for towing businesses looking for an all-in-one solution.

Tracker Management System

Tracker Management System earns its spot with a focus on scalability. This software adapts seamlessly to businesses of all sizes. Offering real-time tracking and automated dispatch, the Tracker Management System provides flexibility and efficiency. Its user-friendly design ensures that towing companies can easily integrate and navigate the software.


Right next on our list, Samsara deserves the hype as one of the most popular and efficient tow truck dispatch software. Several elements of this comprehensive fleet management solution can be customized to meet your specific requirements. But most importantly, it is known for its intuitive software that offers real-time tracking and live alerts, providing an exceptional user experience.

Compared to most other fleet management technologies, they provide a wider range of products, such as a dashboard, hardware, apps, and driver workflows, equipment monitoring, site visibility, and vehicle telematics. Samsara does more than only provide fleet management software. it also builds relationships through several touchpoints. Despite the plus points in crucial aspects, there are some limitations, chief among them being the reliability of the software and operating systems, despite the fact that it performs a little bit of everything.

InTow Software Suite

For any towing service, the InTow Software Suite is a comprehensive fleet management system that makes it easier to monitor calls, dispatch trucks, and communicate with drivers in the office. The InTow Truck Dispatch Software Suite controls all service operations associated with data management, driver communication, GPS tracking, call dispersion, and truck dispatching/routing. This includes the InTow Manager, InTow Messanger, InTow Mobile, and InTow GPS platforms.

Using the system, drivers are able to concentrate on car hauling, VIN scanning, invoice writing, payment processing, and picture/note taking, while operators may concentrate on managing service requests, calls, and dispatch towing trucks using InTow. Every time a service call is made, InTow records all relevant information and saves it in a safe database that is accessible through simple reporting tools. When a call is assigned to a driver, these service data are automatically communicated to their cell phones or mounted mobile terminals. The office staff can maximize revenues on each call by dispatching the closest available vehicles to service locations,  thanks to integrated GPS tracking technology.


ClearPathGPS stands out for its emphasis on real-time visibility. The software excels in tracking tow trucks in real-time, allowing dispatchers to make informed decisions quickly. Additionally, ClearPathGPS offers route optimization, contributing to reduced travel time and increased overall operational efficiency.


Omadi’s truck dispatch software platform is a premium choice for all kinds of trucking companies. Increased visibility into corporate operations thanks to Omadi’s towing management software platform leads to higher productivity, lower administrative costs, and greater influence over the direction of the organization. A thorough dispatch, fleet, and employee management system is used to achieve this. The software also offers configurable reporting, giving businesses insight into every aspect of their business.

The iOS and Android Omadi mobile apps feature custom forms, dispatch alerts, photo and video management, electronic signature capture, and more. They may be used online or offline. The system automatically assigns an unchangeable date, time, and GPS stamp to all captured and uploaded photos and videos before storing them. The program also adds a date, time, and GPS location stamp to the electronic signatures it captures, confirming locations, completion times, and service authorization.

ITS Dispatch

ITS Dispatch secures its place with a focus on communication. This software facilitates seamless communication between dispatchers and drivers. Real-time updates and job assignments contribute to improved response times and customer satisfaction. ITS Dispatch is an ideal choice for those prioritizing effective communication in their operations.

Beacon Software

Beacon Software shines with its advanced features and customization options. Offering real-time tracking, automated dispatch, and a robust customer database, Beacon Software is a versatile choice. Its ability to adapt to the unique needs of towing businesses makes it a favorite among those looking for tailored solutions.

Towbooks Management Software

Towbook is another cloud-based fleet management solution that tops the chart of popular towing dispatch software.  Through dispatching, vehicle impoundments, and invoicing, Towbook assists businesses in managing operations connected to consent towing, roadside assistance, and more. Routing, client administration, maintenance management, and billing are important functions.

Towbook, which is made for companies of all kinds, automates every step of the towing dispatch process, from hiring drivers to setting pricing to giving workers more job orders. By generating statements, taking payments, tagging numerous accounts, and performing other functions, it enables businesses to manage client accounts. The system also includes a user interface for accepting or rejecting requests for work orders, uploading photos, and assigning drivers.

Towbook integrates with Quickbooks to create and distribute invoices among team members and collect unpaid invoices. Monthly subscription pricing is offered, and customer service is provided through phone, email, and other Internet channels.

Final Words

If you use the correct dispatching software, you can observe, track, and manage your truck dispatch activities from a single platform.  Tow Truck dispatching software optimizes all operations for your company and your staff, including scheduling, compliance, communication, and job management.

To choose the best tow dispatch solution, carefully consider the ones we have listed above. As demonstrated, the best dispatch software for truckers won’t simply help you save money; it will also make running your company more efficient.

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To this end, the most efficient software solution available at the most affordable price is definitely Field Promax. Designed to simplify field service management and increase efficiency, it has the best tools and features to make your two trucking dispatching business more efficient, productive, and profitable.

It features one of the best dynamic scheduling and dispatching tools available in the market right now, complete with color-coded multiple calendar views (daily, weekly, monthly, and individual) with a comprehensive dashboard, advanced GPS tracking technology to monitor your fleet in real-time, integrated mobile app to keep your field staff connected with the office, and also, the best estimating tool to send deal-winning quotes with the stunning feature to turn approved estimates directly into work orders.

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