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Mobile User Interface Design Ideas: 15 Animations

User Interface

User interface animation is a powerful tool that makes the interaction process more engaging. In addition to facilitating quick feedback and micro-interactions, it highlights important layout elements, gives the impression of a live, dynamic process, and adds an engaging element. When used properly, it can enhance the user experience with more positive vibes. In the case of mobile apps, this is particularly true because of the constraints imposed by the screen real estate on both the organization of content and its functionality.

User Interface Animation

We have previously discussed the function of animation in user interface design, how it can improve the effectiveness of microinteractions, and the most common reasons to use animated microinteractions in our earlier articles. The proliferation of mobile devices has led to an explosion in the use of animation, which facilitates simple and quick operations on touch screens, which is particularly useful when traveling.

So, if you want your product to be user-friendly, straightforward, colorful, and easy to understand, animation is a great choice. With today’s set of design concepts crafted by studio designers, we aim to put that idea into practice and provide some support. It encompasses a wide range of motion design practices for animated user interfaces on mobile devices, covering a wide range of styles, features, and options. Here we go, then: review!

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App for Blogging

An everyday blogging app is the inspiration for the presented user interface. The news feed is made up of tiles that are colored according to the topics, and there are a lot of images. Like on any other social network, users can follow or unfollow the post’s author and see their recent activity when they tap on their profile. Visuals are brought to life with the subtle touch of motion effects, which subtly evoke the sensation of touching real objects.

App for Social Networking

Interactions between users of a social network mobile app are showcased in the animation. The ideal user experience for this type of app is one that is quick, lively, and easy to see. Here, interactions are demonstrated through basic gestures supported by vibrant user interface accents. They highlight the screen’s functionality and inject some life into the interface.

The App for an Art Gallery

While it’s true that designers should exercise caution when using animated elements in user interfaces (UI), the opposite is also true: better conversions can be achieved when a motion accent enhances the overall layout. The designers showcased the art gallery’s mobile app’s animated interaction here, which includes previews of upcoming events and links to more information about each one. Using the same structure on each screen, colorful diagonal lines emphasize the vertical movement.

Athletics App

More and more people are relying on their mobile devices to supplement their training, record data, and monitor their progress, which has led to a surge in the popularity of sport apps. Here, then, is a proposed layout for that kind of app, complete with animated interactions that showcase its features. Aside from the content and the side menu, the structure is extremely basic.

As you go through the app, the menu slides to reveal each section. Making the content have a “rubber effect” when the side menu opens is the main idea. Having all content details visible even with the menu open on the screen is its sole purpose. When combined with subtle motion accents, the color scheme is all about a fresh and bright scheme that motivates users to take action.

Card for Product

The shopping app’s product cards in the proposed design concept feature animated interactions. Users have the ability to resize catalog item photos, change their price, add to cart, and move them around. Here the high degree of usability is bolstered by animated elements, which notify the user right away when the action is finished. That consolidates critical information into a single screen and offers simple microinteractions. Simultaneously, the animation facilitates easy navigation and does not overwhelm the interaction process.

Animating a Calendar App

This idea showcases an additional design concept for a common app that includes a calendar that allows users to set up appointments and make notes. An animated accent that is both smooth and fashionable adds harmonic support to the overall visual presentation, while a bright interface plays out the rich palette and gradients.

Calendar App

The timer progress and pull down UI interactions are both displayed in this example’s animation. To draw the user’s focus to the “time flow,” this one-screen app has the bare minimum of features (a timer) and loads of animation. Either the Start button or the pull-down menu can be used to start the timer. Users that appreciate aesthetically unique solutions and bespoke graphic design will undoubtedly be drawn to these transitions, which are, of course, considerably more enjoyable.

Overview of User Interface Navigation

The navigation design of the mobile app that updates the user on city news is showcased in another lively animated concept. Vibrant colors and sleek icons are bolstered by a novel motion design solution that allows active elements to appear on the tap and facilitates additional transition directions.

Animated Scrolling

A screen depicting a worldwide social network is central to this idea. The basic premise was to display the user’s timeline along with various types of posts, including check-ins, media content, and stuff from the user’s friends or themselves. Keeping the user’s attention and avoiding clutter on the simple network was the goal here as we added simple game accents. We settled on creating two timelines, one vertical for the main story and one bright and animated for the side story. The second one shows the user the exact location and time of the last post.

App for Cafe Coupons

The given animated interface design conveys the message that delicious food is a wonderful way to feel better about the world. This is the idea behind a cafe chain’s mobile app that lets users save coupons and discounts and then use them to purchase delicious food. The addition of interface animation makes the screen and interactions more dynamic and interesting, while also facilitating easy microinteractions.

The Idea of a Contact List

This is a concept of an animated user interface for an app that keeps track of contacts. It includes different ways to interact with the app, including scrolling vertically and horizontally. Animated visual effects not only make the interaction process more engaging, but they also bolster the app’s aesthetic concept.

Tracking Software

Using this straightforward mobile app, which has only two screens, you can see where your followers are right now on a map. You can see the search results gallery and the home screen animation in action here. The user has an engaging and intuitive experience interacting with a well-organized database thanks to animations that mimic the movement of physical cards.

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A Healthier Eating App

You can see the app’s screens here, all arranged around the concept of a healthy lifestyle and offering recipes and advice on good food. The theme is set and the information is quickly perceived visually with the help of engaging graphic elements and color solutions, backed up by subtle motion design accents. A product’s many uses can be demonstrated through animation as well. All of those features work together to create an interface that is attractive, easy to use, and full of useful information.

Keep in mind that any animation you use in the interface should serve a specific purpose?improving the overall user experience. Most of the time, the goal of UI and motion designers is to create designs that incorporate animated elements that can enhance the interface’s usability and aesthetic appeal while simultaneously satisfying multiple design criteria.

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