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ChatGPT Supporting Students’ Homework? Beneficial for Students?


ChatGPT is an AI bot developed by OpenAI and released in November 2022. ChatGPT is combined with “Chat”, which refers to a Chatbot, and GPT,s stands for Generative pre-trained transformer. It’s both beneficial and harmful for this generation. ChatGPT is a Chatbot where you can ask questions about your academics to boost your performance. ChatGPT will provide a quick response with accurate answers. ChatGPT also guides students in analyzing their past performance. It helps in performing such tasks as composing emails, essays, and code.

Let’s discuss ChatGpt and how it works in student life with the help of including a few points:-

What is AI (Artificial intelligence), and How does it Work?

AI is the impact of human intelligence on computer systems. AI has an expert system, Natural language processing (NLP), and machine vision. AI can answer questions within a second, providing you with well-researched and clarified data, and in this era, we need to become more familiar with ChatGPT. With the help of AI, you can complete your homework and assignment in less time, and the AI will save time doing heavy tasks.

As the hype of AI has expanded, vendors have been scrambling to promote how to use their products and services. No single programming language has been used to create a ChatGPT. Some languages like C++, JAVA, and Python are mainly utilized for developing AI. The choice between the programming languages depends on how you plan appliance AI.

Does ChatGpt help in student life?

Yes, ChatGpt helps in the student’s life by solving their problem and helping with their homework and assignment. In this era, students are taking help for their lessons, Assignment, and Course work and guiding them. Lots of education centers like Collage and universities take help to improve their skills and give their best to the students. Chatbot like GPT helps students in various aspects of their academic performance and research, providing immediate guidance to the user. It helps to reduce the workload of student life.

ChatGPT will give quick and well-accurate answers to their queries. It will be beneficial for students to save their time. GPT also helps to personalize your study plan and resources. It’s very impactful to complete and improve your performance in your academic life. Overall, ChatGPT provides you with valuable assets in your daily or academic life.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Chat GPT in student life?

There are some advantages and disadvantages of Chat GPT. Let’s discuss that:-

Advantages of ChatGPT or AI

  • It helps to reduce your time for heavy tasks.
  • Save human resources and increase productivity.
  • Chat-GPT can improve the satisfaction of customers by analyzing their feedback.
  • AI provides Virtual help 24*7 to your customers.
  • It helps doctors better diagnose certain cancers, including Breast and mouth cancers.
  • AI also has the potential to diagnose the problem of patients.

Disadvantages of ChatGPT and AI

  • It’s Expensive
  • Reduce the job and create high unemployment.
  • It’s reducing the creativity of the students.
  • Students don’t take the experience of that project and Assignment, which they complete with the help of AI or ChatGPT.
  • One of the drawbacks of ChatGPT is that it will give a limited answer in a certain period.
  • They have limited replies and solutions for any queries. In that case, it may be a customer or student unsatisfied.

Will AI affect higher education, and How does AI help students with their assignments or Homework?

Artificial intelligence has been affecting higher education and is a widely discussed topic. AI can influence the method of student learning and educator teaching. AI helps the college or university maintain and personalize education according to the student’s academic performance. It also helps customize the question paper, quiz, and Assignment. It gives the student feedback and performance report to their respective teacher and professor. AI has the potential to do many tasks like Administration, Grading, and teaching. AI helps the student with their project and assignment. In this way, The AI Chatbot affects higher education.

With the help of AI, students can save time on research and writing, and AI gives them well-researched and accurate answers for their projects and assignment. Overall, AI has a very significant impact on higher education, and with the help of the proper implementation, we can enhance the mode of learning, Teaching, and Administration experience of students and faculty of education industries.


Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool with multiple uses, and ChatGPT is one of them. In this era, the use of ChatGPT and AI is highly increasing. People use that according to their benefits- business people use it for promoting their brand or business and analyzing the feedback of customers. Students use it for their projects and assignments to save time. AI has proven to be superior in making decisions in certain areas. In the upcoming day, AI will reduce creativity and human resources, and AI has limited solutions and results related to your questions. Also, we can’t ignore their disadvantage. AI will create high unemployment and productivity. 

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