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Chart Your Course: Thriving Careers Open to All Degrees


Job hunting starts at least one year before you graduate. That head start doesn’t make this tense activity a simple affair. Most of us are kids have no clue about our career trajectories when we get ourselves enrolled in college. So, if you have aspirations that don’t align with your degree or the course you’re pursuing there’s no need to be discouraged. Most modern degree colleges for women have a robust infrastructure that offers counselling services to help you choose the course fit for you. No matter the degree you graduate with, it doesn’t limit your options since there are several career paths you can grow in. Let’s check them out.

Careers You Can Pursue with Any Graduate Degree


You may think that this job is reserved for Chartered Accountants or people who have pursued a degree in mathematics, commerce, or business. While it’s partially true, it fails to paint the whole picture. Some industries like auditing and banking have strict standards where you need a specialised degree and pass certain licensing exams.

However, to become a bookkeeper or an accountant who simply handles transactions, tracks customer data, and has other such roles, you don’t need a degree. Yes, a specialized degree from a UGC-affiliated women’s college is going to make you more appealing to employers. However, it isn’t necessary. You simply need to be good at crunching numbers and have an eye for detail to start in junior roles. As you gather experience and pass appropriate licence exams (Uniform Certified Public Accountant), you can move up the career ladder.


Human Resources is a lucrative career field where you need to recruit new employees, create retention strategies, and implement measures and activities to increase employee loyalty and productivity. Similar to accountancy, candidates with a master’s in Human Resource Management or an HR-focused MBA from some of the best women’s colleges in Kolkata have an edge.

However, most HR professionals don’t hold that degree. Small and medium-sized enterprises usually look for people with great people skills for the role of HR assistants or administrators. You’ll act as the intermediary between your organisation and its employees, handle payroll, decide on workplace policies, provide PoSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) training, and have more such duties. If you’ve always been good at diffusing tense situations and understand human behaviour well, this job is for you.


The filmmaking industry is very diverse and always churns out innovative ideas. It’s perfect for creative individuals who have a passion for telling interesting stories to the public in an entertaining way, no matter the course you pursued from a degree college in Kolkata. If you have a passion for screenplay, shooting videos, and creating life-like characters, this one’s for you.

Let’s not sugarcoat things. The initial years may be tough! However, if you stay true to your craft, you may end up creating stars and inspiring generations through your films. Here’s a list of the best directors in India and their degrees to fuel your inspiration:

  • Anurag Kashyap- Degree in Zoology
  • Sanjay Leela Bhansali- Bachelor’s degree in Commerce
  • SS Rajamouli- Engineering Degree
  • Mani Ratnam- MBA Degree
  • Rajkumar Hirani- Graduation in Commerce
  • Shoojit Sircar- Degree in Commerce

Imagine the golden gems Indian audiences would miss out on if these directors decided to pursue careers related to their degrees. They are living testaments to the famous quote from Scott Adams (a renowned American cartoonist and author)- “It’s not about the ideas. It’s about making the idea happen.”

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Public Relations

Public relations is all about managing the reputation of your client. That means you need to be a great communicator, both in person and on paper. You also need amazing people skills and leverage that for building lasting professional and personal relationships. While you can get into a PR job with any graduate degree, enrolling in a professional studies course obviously boosts your CV.

Your college education is just the beginning. Most employers demand a graduation degree to assess if you can handle consistent pressure for several years. Don’t be afraid of charting your own course and write your own success story within a field you are passionate about. Network with the right people, find your unique strength, and cultivate it well for long-lasting success.

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